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Who we are


DALI Stores is a supermarket type invented in Germany. We call this supermarket type Hard Discount:

DALI Stores sell a limited number of carefully choosen food and non food products.

The products are of high quality and cover everything a household needs every day:


Basic food like rice, oil, sauces, snacks or beverages, personal care like soaps and toothpaste, and household items like cleaning products and detergents.


We operate very efficiently and avoid everything which could potentially increase the sales price of a product:


We buy large volumes of each item, we spend very little on advertising and our stores are small and in inexpensive areas. 


The interior of our DALI Stores is simple and not fancy but always very clean and well organized.


Each of our products is selected carefully. We test the quality frequently.


High quality and food standards are ensured by regular checks in independent laboratories.


However, if you are not entirely satisfied with one of our products, you can bring it back. No explanation needed. We refund the sales price.

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